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James Watt Primary School

Boulton Road



B21 0RE


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School Calendar

We update this calendar with various events as the School year progresses.

Latest School Calendar Events

Autumn First Half Term 2015.03Sep2015

@ James Watt Primary School

Autumn First Half Term 2015.

School Photographer.14Oct2015

@ James Watt Primary School

School Photographer.

Black History Month Assembly 6D.16Oct2015

@ James Watt Primary School

Black History Month Assembly 6D.

Parents Evening.22Oct2015

@ James Watt Primary School

Parents Evening.

Arts Afternoon Whole School.23Oct2015

@ James Watt Primary School

Arts Afternoon Whole School.

School closes at 3:20PM for Half-Term.23Oct2015

@ James Watt Primary School

School closes at 3:20PM for Half-Term.

Half-term Holiday24Oct2015

@ James Watt Primary School

Half-term Holiday.

Autumn Second Half Term 2015.02Nov2015

@ James Watt Primary School

Autumn Second Half Term 2015.

School re-opens at 8:55AM.02Nov2015

@ James Watt Primary School

School re-opens at 8:55AM.

Diwali Assembly 5K.06Nov2015

@ James Watt Primary School

Diwali Assembly 5K.

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A Poem by Esha and Roshni in Year 6


James Watt

James Watt is the place to be,

Smiling faces you will see,

Learning and working together,

Life long skills we’ll have forever.


Being a young leader helps us every day,

Values and goals we achieve without delay.


Have you ever seen us do sport?

We are so much better than you would of thought!

Taking part and trying to win,

And always making sure our homework is in.


We put a lot of effort into our day,

Maths, Literacy and a little time to play.

Science, ICT and tricky words to spell,

A glorious sound is to hear is that home time bell.


The little ones are really quite cute,

Their voices are slightly mute,

But they know James Watt is our name,

And doing our best is our main aim.


We always achieve and never give up,

It’s all about hard work and a little bit of luck.



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