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James Watt Primary School

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How do we involve children with SEND in their own education?


All pupils are involved and encouraged to take part in their own learning journey, this includes:


  • developing and achieving their individual targets
  • attending parent’s evening with parents
  • doing their homework to the best of their ability and handing it in on time
  • asking for help when needed in lessons
  • trying their best to be independent, responsible learners
  • trying their best to organise themselves so they are ready to learn
  • trying their best to listen carefully and focus in lessons
  • trying their best to not get distracted in lessons
  • taking part in self-assessment of their own learning
  • listening to feedback and using the feedback to improve their work or attitude
  • speaking to all members of staff if they have a concern or are worried about anything
  • contributing ideas to the School Council and Junior Leadership Team
  • taking part in extra-curricular activities


Children identified with SEND additional needs are also involved in developing and updating information for:


  • EHC annual review meetings (Pupil Centred reviews)
  • Support Plan review meetings
  • One Page Pupil Profiles
  • Individual Target Plans


The information for the above is gathered through:

  • Discussions with class teachers, teaching assistants and SENCo
  • Child view SEND questionnaires
  • Good day / bad day questionnaires / analysis
  • All about me booklets
  • Child observations