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Our school works towards ensuring that your children will view mathematics with pleasure, developing a positive attitude through practical activities which allow pupils to apply and investigate mathematical concepts. The children will learn about all of their age-related content domains including; number - place value; number - addition and subtraction; number - multiplication and division; number - fractions; geometry - properties of shape and position and direction; measurement; ratio and proportion and algebra.

Early Maths provision is included in the EYFS curriculum and has a transitional link to the Year 1 mathematics program of learning. Across all key stages, computers, laptops, Ipads, interactive whiteboards, visualisers and interactive teaching programs are used throughout the school to assist children with their understanding of all the mathematics content domains. 

All pupils have access to a wide range of concrete resources to support their learning. Emphasis is placed initially on practical work and understanding the language of mathematics in context so the foundations are laid for future learning. As soon as the skills are learnt, pupil work evolves into activities which use and apply their skills with an expectation that children will achieve mastery in the skill by completing challenging reasoning activities and investigations.

Arithmetic plays a vital part in the pupils' mathematical learning. We teach arithmetic across the whole curriculum, throughout the maths curriculum. Our aim is to enable pupils to perform number operations mentally with confidence, effectively recall facts and use their skills to solve contextualised maths problems.