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Tadpole Watch

Watch our tadpoles grow!

Week 1

Detailed frog life cycle

Here is a more detailed life cycle of a frog, showing the stages of development.

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Mayah E(about a month ago)

I really enjoyed watching how the frog growed. I want a frog (says Mayah). Mayah really enjoyed watching the tadpoles and could Identify some of the changed in appearance and size. She has now asked to make a frog which we will do tomorrow and send in pictures.

Mackael(about a month ago)

I like watching the tadpoles swimming around! They are much bigger now. I’m excited to see them turn into frogs! From Mackael :)

Avanae James's mummy(about a month ago)

Mummy and Ava managed to identify the tadpoles I explained to Ava where tadpoles come from and what the tadpoles turn in to. Ava enjoyed watching the tadpole videos, after we finished talking about tadpoles we decided to draw tadpoles and frogs.

Harmanjot S.G(a couple of months ago)

Harmanjot was looking at the pictures and he said he saw frog spawn and algae ,we showed him how frog spawn looks on the internet and we told him they were eggs of tadpoles/frogs ,yet he still said he saw frog spawn and algae.

ISHMEET K(a couple of months ago)

Ishmeet says I had seen these tadpoles in my school. Said that’s sooo adorable

Week 2 - Can you spot the frogs spawn? Can you see the tadpoles which are changing shape? Can you see the tadpole that has a tail and eyes beginning to form?

Week 3 - Can you spot the newt coming out to play?

Week 4 - How have they changed since the last video? What is different in the tank?

Week 5 - Look at the tadpoles in the tank can you see their legs and tails growing?

Week 6 - Can you spot the eyes? How has the skin changed? How would you describe the tail? Does it look similar to anything else you have ever seen?

Week 7 - Look closely can you spot the legs? Has the colour changed?

Week 8 - How has the size changed? How has the colour changed? 

Week 9 - The tadpoles are changing into froglets. We have had to separate the froglets from the tadpoles and change the tank that the froglets are in. Can you work out why?

Week 10 - How has the tank changed? How have the froglets changed? 

Week 11 - What do you notice about the froglets? How have they changed? What do you think they can do now? Is a tank the best habitat for them now? Why do you think this?