James Watt Primary School

James Watt Primary School

A 'reading school'


Lots of helpful and fun resources on a range of History and Geography topics,

including Romans, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and World War Two. 

Fun ideas and resources to improve your Geography skills, knowledge and understanding.

Watch animals live in their natural habitats around the world. Includes badgers, penguins, lions, panda bears and elephants.

Free resources that teach a range of topics, including History, Geography,

ICT, RE, French and Design Technology.

Great activities for children of all ages to do at home with lots of freebie

downloads to help you learn about different topics. Includes topics on

animals, dinosaurs, food, rainforest, space and transport

Exciting and fun resources for all key stages to teach a range of topics. 

Fun and exciting games and activities to learn all about nature. Includes wild challenges, competitions, stories and fun factoids. Become an expert wildlife explorer!

LIFE SKILLS on-line resources

Challenge yourself to learn how to tie your shoelaces on your own. 

Being healthy is fun! Get children helping in the kitchen. Teach them how to safely chop an onion and make everyday dishes.

MUSIC on-line Resources

A great website with a range of fun music activities linked to school topics.

Suitable for KS1 and KS2 children.


Simple and fun ideas to explore and learn about music. 

Listen and explore the stories and secrets hidden in classical pieces of music.

Includes free teaching resources, exciting short films and lesson plans.

A new song to learn everyday, with challenges and activities for each.

Great way to keep the rhythm and routine!

Free access to the home school music resources, offering a range of resources for all children. Includes interactive music games and videos, virtual instruments and live music.

FRENCH on-line resources

Lots of fun resources to help KS2 children learn French.

The ultimate website to learn French for KS2 children. Includes games, songs and printable worksheets. 

Lots of fun and exciting activities for KS2 children to learn French.