James Watt Primary School

James Watt Primary School

A 'reading school'


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Lots of helpful resources and games to practice and learn new Science skills,

including topics on space, electricity, habitats and the human body. 

Hands-on investigative science activities for

Year 1 and Year 6 children to do at home.

Join Ryan and watch his fun and easy DIY science experiments. 

Have some fun at home with these science activities for all ages.

Five awesome experiments you can do at home. Includes videos to help you learn the science behind making slime, growing crystals, creating rainbows in a jar and changing milk different colours. 

Science for all ages. Learn about different science topics through playing games, watching videos and doing experiments and activities at home.

Learn to be a scientist with Bob and do some great experiments at home.

A brilliant resource! 101 Sublime Science experiments you can do at home with 'stuff you already have around the home'. 

Learn about the amazing topic of SPACE!