James Watt Primary School

James Watt Primary School

A 'reading school'



Learn with me - child development tips for parents of newborns to 4 years and over. Top tips to help you support and develop your child's communication, reading, writing, counting and moving skills. 

Free website to help parents / carers with their child's reading.

Packed with free ebooks, games and activities.

A fun way to help children learn to read with the Alphablocks.

Learn both letter sounds and names with these crazy characters!

Animated stories, traditional tales and nursery rhymes to entertain your child.

Learn the Alphabet names and sounds with Mr Mc. Boom shake the alphabet!

Hours of entertainment and useful advice. From parent guides to live lessons, rhymes and stories to rainy day activities. 

Free resources to help teach the Letter and Sounds phonics programme.

Have fun learning Phase 1 to Phase 6 letters and sounds activities and games.

Free resources from Mr Mc, for Nursery and Reception children, with useful links to a range of websites, videos and games to develop phonics, reading and number skills. 

Fun resources and games to help your child learn phonics skills from Phase 1 to Phase 6. 

Learn all about numbers with the Numberblocks.

Sing along, make and play and fun quizzes. Great fun!

Numberjacks is a great way for young children to learn about numbers. Watch the videos and meet all the characters.

A game that makes learning to read fun. It takes you on a magical journey,

meeting colorful characters and collecting fantastic rewards, and

covers everything from letters and sounds to reading full sentences. 

Free and fun handwriting and alphabet practice sheets to help your

child learn to the alphabet, form letters and build pencil control.

Fun early years science activities with everyday household objects and materials. Great for young curious minds!