James Watt Primary School

James Watt Primary School

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 Statutory Information

1) School contact details:

                                   Post:                                      James Watt Primary School

Boulton Road



B21 0RE


                          Telephone:                                              0121 464 4736

                                 E-Mail:                               For general enquiries, please use:



For accounts-related enquiries, please use:



And for recruitment-related enquiries, please use:



1) In Person:

Mrs T. Smith or Mrs T. Nener

Any other queries from parents, carers, or other members of the public, can be directed to the above person.


Or if you need to contact our SENCO (SEND Coordinator) about a
child's special educational needs and/or disabilities,
please ask to speak to:

Mrs T. Smith


2) Admissions arrangements:

The link (immediately below) enables you to view and/or print admission arrangements:


And this link enables you to apply for a place for your child at the school:



3) Ofsted reports:

This link takes you to Ofsted’s website and shows our most recent Inspection Report:

Ofsted Inspection Reports 


4) Financial Benchmarking:     

School Financial Benchmarking report (Gov.UK)              



5) The school's most recent EYFS, Phonics Check KS1 and KS2 results:

This link shows our school’s results:


6) How to access performance data:

This link allows you to view our performance data on the GOV.UK website:



7) Curriculum:

Here is an overview of our school’s curriculum for each year group:

Our Curriculum 2022-2023


8) Policies and related documents:

This link takes you to our ‘Policies’ section:

James Watt Primary - Policies

9) School complaints procedure:

This one shows detailed information about our school’s complaints procedure:

James Watt Primary - Complaints Policy


10) Pupil premium:

Here is our ‘Pupil Premium’ section:

James Watt Primary - Pupil Premium Report


11) Details of the PE and sport premium:

… And our ‘PE and sport premium’ section:

James Watt Primary - Sports Premium Report


12) Special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) information:

The following link takes you to our SEND information report:

James Watt Primary - SEN Information Report

 And here is our ‘SEND Policy’:

 James Watt Primary - SEND Policy


13) Governors' information:

The following link shows detailed information about our Governing Body:

Governor Details 2022-23

And this is a list of the dates of the meetings of our Governing Body for this year:

Governing Board Meeting Dates 2022-23


14) Requests for paper copies:

If a parent requests a paper copy of the information on our school's website, we will provide this free of charge.


15) Important Dates:

Training Days 2022-2023

Please make appropriate childcare arrangements on the days given below, as the school will be closed to pupils on these five staff training days:

Day 1 - 5th September 2022

 Day 1 - 6th September 2022

Day 3 - 31st October 2022

Day 4 - 24th January 2023

Day 5 - TBC


16) GDPR Policy - See below.



Employees with a gross annual salary of £100,000

Updated November 2021

Number of employees with a gross annual salary of £100,000 or more - NIL